Acoustic zone monitoring radio-transmitted

  • speedy leakage locating process from a mobile unit
  • reduction in personnel costs
  • only one operator required
  • high operating efficiency
  • battery lifetime of about 10 years

The Leakmaster wireless monitoring system sets a new benchmark for the network servicing business. The noise levels saved by the data loggers are radio-transmitted to the driving mobile unit. Even an untrained operator is able to detect any leakages due to the precise data received.

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Monitoring a section acoustically by means of wireless data transmission – AZ Wireless Zone Monitoring – has set a new benchmark for the network servicing business. At a leakage spot, the outpouring water generates a particular noise which travels on the water pipe. The noise-borne data can be picked up, evaluated, and saved by radio data loggers.

The shorter the distance is between the source of the leakage-borne noise and the location where the noise is picked up (e.g. valves, hydrants, water meters, or other fittings), the clearer and more intensive is the received signal. Radio data loggers are perfectly well suited to record such data.

The handy radio data logger considerably reduces the time required to locate a leakage spot as acquiring and evaluating the data on a regular basis enables the service team to detect any leakage at a very early stage. If the entire network section has been equipped with transmitters, one operator can check between 220 km and 350 km of supply pipes per day. The mobile unit (maintenance van, etc.) passing by acquires the data transmitted by the individual loggers by means of wireless technology, and the measurement results are displayed acoustically and optically indicating the exact location of a leakage spot. The operator then can interpret the data.