Drulo II

The Drulo pressure logger is a memory device for pressure-related data and has been developed and optimised for the water supply service industry. The pressure-related data is measured, displayed and saved. The logger is directly operated through the PC and via an infrared adapter or via a GSM module. It is not relevant wheter the measurements require only several seconds of measuring time or even several months for long-term data acquisition. Drulo can take it and can save up to 240.000 measurement values.

Overview of benefits

  • solid watertight housing (no plug contracts, IP68)
  • foil-protected keyboard for on-the-spot programming
  • extremely high memory capacity for more then 240.000 measurement values
  • failure rate less than 1% of final value at 20°C
  • resolution +/- 0.005% FS e.g. 0.5 mbar at 10 bar
  • data transfer via infrared / GSM and infrared / USB
  • Battery lifetime 10 years or for 10.000.000 measured values
  • internal venting
  • pressure sensor 20 bar
  • Further pressure ranges up to max. 50 bar possible

Areas of application:

  • pressure monitoring in the water supply field
  • pipe network calculations
  • calculating fire water capacities
  • pressure check measurements

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