Aqua M70

Aqua M 70 D

The Aqua M-70D device is applied to pre-locate and to calibrate leakages in water supply network systems. The device is supplied with a testrod which is so sensitive that even smallest leakages can be detected. As the testrod can be used in any position, it is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and valve trains and to conduct systematic checks on pipeline network systems. The ground pick-up allows calibrating leakages dead-on. The tripod mounted to the ground pick-up enables the operator to conduct measurements both on soft and on hard soil thus offering the perfect range to acquire measurement data related to any leakage-borne noise.

The inbuilt filters can be set according to the leakage-borne noises to be expected. With the integrated measurement data memory, the acquired measurement results can be easily compared to each other thus contributing to a precise leakage-locating process. The display is illuminated automatically in case of poor environmental lighting conditions. If the Aqua M-70D is not operated for more than one minute, it switches off automatically. This feature extends overall operation time considerably. Normal application of the device allows measuring operation for about 10 weeks without having to recharge the accumulator. The charge status of the rechargeable NiCd accumulator is displayed by means of LED‘s.


  • central unit with display and output for headphones
  • universal microphone for measurements with testrod/geophone
  • 2 Extensions with testrod tip
  • Tripod
  • headphones
  • battery charger
  • Transport case
  • Operation manual

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