Lokal 100

FTT-Correlator - Lokal 100

Operation of the LOKAL Leakage Detection System by F.A.S.T is based on the technical principle of the frequency-dependent correlation coherence analysis. The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a discharge-related noise at the leakage spot. This discharge noise propagates to both ends of the pipe section simultaneously and is acquired through sensitive pick-up units at accessible spots such as valves, hydrants, etc.. The amplified signal is then radio-transmitted to the coherence correlator and converted into cross power spectrumcompatible data by means of FFT algorithms. Further data processing provides coherence / correlation, which will be displayed on the LOKAL screen.

Overview of benefits

  • high spotting accuracy for pipes made of steal, cast iron, asbestos and PVC
  • automatic leak detection and spotting routine
  • integrated automatic rejection of disturbing noises
  • user-friendly operation manual
  • frequency analysis (coherence spectrum)
  • easy data evaluation of pipe sections consisting of mixed materials and featuring different diameters
  • no misdiggings at reflection spots such as T-junctions, the end of a pipe, or angles etc.
  • data reprocessing without any additional measurement procedure possible
  • VGA color display

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