Lokal 300

Lokal 300

The multifunctional F.A.S.T.-LOKAL 300 leakage detection system is applied to detect leakages (correlation and geophone) on drinking-water networks and to trace out pipelines. Simple operational handling enables even unskilled operators succesfully to locate leakages.

The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a leakage-borne noise at the leakage spot. This noise travels in both directions through the pipe and is detected by highly sensitive sensors which are mounted at accessible places such as hydrants, valves etc..

The amplified pick-up signal is radio-transmitted to the central unit, and the coherence and correlation functions are calculated and displayed by the LCD.

Overview of benefits

  • portable
  • Correlator / Geophon / Listening device in one compact system
  • user-friendly operation manual
  • sturdy aluminum case
  • real 500 mW radio power
  • direct loading via car cigarette lighter
  • Headphone jack on central unit and measuring boxes

Testrod and Geophone:

The testrod has been developed by F.A.S.T GmbH and features an extremely high sensitive. It has been designed to detect even minute leakages. As the length of the testrod is adjustable, it is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and to systematically check pipeline network sections.

When leakage-borne noises have been detected with the testrod or when the result of the correlations has to be double-checked, the integrated geophone can be applied. The filters are automatically or manually set according to the kind of leackage-borne noise. The in-built data memory device allows a comparison of the detected noises and thus supports the pinpointing process to precisely locate the leakage.

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