HM Listening Stick

Even today with all the sophisticated technology around, mechanical measurement instruments still have their right to exist. A lot of applications fields do not require any sensitive electronics. Quite often it is far more reasonable and practical to apply solid mechanics.

Material and Functionality

The HM Listening Stick is made of high-quality materials. The vibration element inside consists of a bronze spring. This spring transfers the sound-borne vibrations via a resonator to the human ear.

Range of Use

Extensions made of stainless steel (between 13 cm and 200 cm) make the Listening Stick adaptaple to any task. Besides listening to fittings, the annual metering of water meters provides a good opportunity to locate any leakages. Even unskilled operators are able to pre-locate leakages on home installations within a short time.

But the Listening Stick can do more: leak testing on valves - quick and easy. Just position the Stick on the valve or fitting to hear wheter or not the valve is leaking. Another classical field of application is checking the bearings of pumps and motors or engines. Insufficient lubrication or even damage in the offing can be easily ascertained due to the characteristic noise. An investment that will be paid off several times as soon as the first leakage or damage has been detected.

Overview of benefits

  • no inherent noise
  • not dependent on any power supply
  • shock-protected
  • heat-insensitive

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