Capacity and Inflow Measurements

The "Water Loss Analysis" and "Inflow Analysis" measurement techniques have revolutionized the methods applied for loss calculations and evaluation of relevant measurement data in the water sector.

For the first time, there have been methods available to fairly objectively determine loss quantities and to locate the particular leakage spots. The simultaneous display of important measurement data for network monitoring purposes by zone measurement procedures was part of the reasonable usage.

The exact determination of water losses and consumption data in combination with the determination of night-time consumption is an element of the self-monitoring processes to take place at a later point of time through a splitting of the particular network into zones and zone monitoring through measurement spots and inbuilt MID´s respectively.

Overview of benefits

  • objective acquisition of waste quantities
  • determination of metered values to establish measuring zones
  • determination of night-time minimum consumption
  • capacity analysis of hydrants

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