Specialized Test Van for the Supply Industry

For over 20 years we build special vehicles for utility companies and service enterprises. Thanks to our modular and robust lightweight construction nearly all customers wishes are realizable.

  • Test van for the systematic leak reduction
  • Test van for daily leak detection
  • Special van for the emergency department
  • Tools van for the water supply industries

The vehicles are realized in the narrowest cooperation with the customer. Compared with customary systems we guarantee by the individual planning of every vehicle, and the application of our ingenious aluminium profile system, the most optimum exploitation of the cabin space togheter with the slightest weight of the mounted rack.

By the application of the most modern technology we create a working vehicle with a maximum of value, security and comfort.

Overview of benefits

  • individual mounting
  • ideally for all vehicle variations and manufactures
  • robust construction
  • light weight construction
  • energy and cost-saving

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